Classroom Rules


  1. Come prepared for class every day!
    • Being prepared for class means arriving with all materials necessary for class…i.e. textbook, notebook, pens/pencils, etc.

        2.  BE ON TIME!!  (See handbook for school tardy policy)

  1.  When you arrive to class IMMEDIATELY take your assigned seat, and begin working on your ¡Vamonos!
  2. Be courteous and respectful to all other students AND your teacher. 
  • If you have a question or would like to say something, you must raise your hand and wait for permission to speak.  Please do not yell out answers or speak out of turn as it is rude, disrespectful, and disruptive to do so. 
  • Also, raise your hand and obtain my permission before getting out of your seat for ANY reason.
  1. Clean up after yourself!
  • I am NOT your maid, so if you make a mess, clean it up!!
  1.  Observe ALL school policies as written in your BHS student handbook…especially the following:
  • NO food, drink, gum, or candy
  • Follow the dress code at all times
  • ABSOLUTELY NO cell phones!
  • Mind your absences.
  1. Make-up work is YOUR responsibility!
  • Whenever you miss a day of school, YOU are responsible for all missed work.  There will be a folder on the table, which will contain assignments and instructions.  It is up to you to get your missed work from the folder. Please refer to the handbook for the amount of time allowed to make up work.
  • I consider it an insult when students sleep in class, so please do not do so.  Unless you work better standing up, do NOT sleep while you are sitting down!  Sleeping will also result in detention, so sleep at home and not in my class! 


Following directions is a MUST at all times.  Failure to follow directions and abide by all rules will result in the following consequences.

WARNING: The first time you fail to follow directions will result in a verbal warning.

15-MINUTE DETENTION:  The second time directions are not followed will result in 15 minutes of before or after school detention with me.  Be prepared to write or translate!

30-MINUTE DETENTION:  The next time you fail to follow directions, you will be assigned 30 minutes of before or after school detention with me.  At this time, I will also contact your parents.  Again, come prepared to write or translate.

DISCIPLINE REFERRAL:  The last step is a discipline referral to school administration and another phone call to your parents.  In the rare event that an extreme situation should arise, the first three steps may be skipped, and a discipline referral will be issued.